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sunset on Taipei 101 view from Elephant mountain
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Nice to live:

MRT stations in the area

R Mingde. R Qilian, R Qiyan, R Beitou, R Fuxinggang, R Zhongyi, R Guandu


Beitou is a nice place, one of the nicest inTaipei. If you love nature, you will love Beitou. It also attracts a lot of tourist for its world renowned hot springs and the magnificent scenery it offers. Yangmingshan National park, Gandu, Xiaoyoukeng, Zhuzihu, Qingtiangang, Junjian Rock, and Guizkeng etc. However, it is quite far from the city. If you plan on working or studying in the city, I would advise not to live that far from it as you would spend to much time commuting.
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