How it works

1. Upload your Apartment on the platform

My Room Abroad is an Easy-to-use platform where you can easily manage all your apartment.
Once you have signed up to the platform, you can directly UPLOAD YOUR PROPERTIES.
Don’t forget to complete your profile.
you need to:
  • Select a cancellation policy
  • Complete your personal information
  • Complete your bank details for transfering the money.

2. Manage your apartment

Pay real close attention to KEEP THIS INFO UP TO DATE AND ACCURATE! If you upload incorrect information on the platform, it will be your responsibility to reimburse the tenants who believed the information on your listing.
By clicking on “My listing” in the drop down on the upper right corner of your screen, you will land on your apartment dashboard. On your dashboard, you can see all your properties and easily update the available date of each of your rooms.

3. Manage your booking request

Once your property is uploaded on the platform, users will be able to see and book it when browsing on My Room Abroad.
When a user request one of your properties, you will receive a notification via email.
You can then log into and see the request by clicking on “Incoming requests” in the drop down on the upper right corner of your screen.
In the “Current Booking Requests” tab, you will see all your new booking requests. For each request you will see the occupation, gender, nationality, contract dates and number of person as well as a little intro of the user willing to rent the property.
You have 48 hours to reply to the booking, if you fail to reply to the booking within 48h, the booking will be automatically cancelled (and appear in the “Past Booking Request” tab).
All the Booking Requests you accept will appear in the the “Accepted Booking Requests” Tab. All the ones that you decline will appear in the “Declined Booking Requests” tab. And if the tenant cancels his request before you had time to accept or decline it, the request will appear in the “Canceled Booking Request” Tab.

4. Accept or decline the booking

You can either accept or decline the booking you have received.
If you decline: You can propose another one of your listing to the user if you wish.
If you accept: Remember this is just as signing a contract. As soon as you accept a user’s booking request, you have to keep the room for him/her.

5. When a booking request has been accepted by you


5.1.1 Payment by the tenant
As soon as the request is accepted by you, the user will be asked to proceed to the first rent payment.
5.1.2 Get in touch with the tenant
When the tenant has paid the first month rent, you will get notified via email.
By logging in to the platform, you will be able to see your new tenants name and email address.
It is your duty to send an email to this tenant to welcome him/her and arrange the arrival details. You can find a template of a Welcome email in English.
5.1.3 Get your payment
For all the First Rent Payment we receive for you, we make the transfer to you two times a month, on the 15th and on the last day of the month.


It is your duty to welcome the tenant in your apartment.
5.2.1 Get the deposit from the tenant
Once you have signed the contract, the tenant will pay the deposit directly to you. Unless agreed otherwise between you and him, in which case the tenant can pay the deposit through our platform if it is easier for him.
5.2.2 Get all your monthly rent from My Room Abroad.
Unless agreed otherwise with you, every month, we will request the rent from your tenant (they will be able to easily pay it online through the platform). Once we have received the rent, we will transfer it to you minus our commision.


5.3.1 Return the deposit
At the end of the contract it is your responsibility to return the deposit to the tenant.