*Monthly Rent* Bunk Beds Room (6 people) - Apartment rental in Downtown Taipei - near Shida Night Market, NTUST, NTNU MTC, Taipei Tech, NTU
10350 NT$ /month

*Monthly Rent* Bunk Beds Room (6 people) - Apartment rental in Downtown Taipei - near Shida Night Market, NTUST, NTNU MTC, Taipei Tech, NTU

Nov 10, 2020

Single Bed


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Room Description

- The room can accommodate 6 people.
- Every bed has lockers, privacy curtains, reading light, internet cable/power/USB charging plug.

Apartment Description

It tells the exact story when you come and stay with us. Be open-minded to meet all the different “CHOCOLATES” at BOX. We are more than just a hostel/ share house, we provide anything you will need for your stay: bed linen/ towel changed weekly, shower gel/ shampoo/ hair conditioner, even breakfast!
We are located right next to MRT Guting Station Exit 6.
- 24 hrs MacDonald Restaurant and 24 hrs JASONS Supermarket downstairs;


Room Features

Single Bed
Private Bathroom
Outside Window
Inside Window
Open Hanger
Average: 10-15 m² (3-5 ping)

Apartment features

Girls only
Washing Machine
Pets allowed
Coffee Table
Cleaning Service
Trash Service
Floor: 2

Shared Bathrooms:

Bathroom 1: Wet Bathroom
Bathroom 2: Wet Bathroom
Bathroom 3: Wet Bathroom
Bathroom 4: Wet Bathroom


Kitchen type: Basic cooking facilities
This means there is no actual kitchen, just anything needed to heat up stuff, not suitable for actual cooking. Refer to the pictures for more details.

Contract information

Room Number: Life is like a BOX of Chocolates' Co-Living House 6 Bunk Bed-1.6BOY
Minimum Contract length: Monthly
Contract type: Start any day for one month
Contract language: English & Chinese
Rent: NT$10350 (~ 290)
Deposit: NT$20700
Utilities Included in rent
Couples NOT allowed

House rules

NO professional cleaning before arrival! You might need to clean it yourself when you arrive
Extensive introduction required
No overnight guests allowed
No parties - Strict noise policy
No pets
No smoking
No sublease allowed
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6 Bunk Bed-1.6BOY
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6 Bunk Bed-1.4BOY
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6 Bunk Bed-1.5BOY
** Undisclosed **

The district : Daan


Nice to live:

MRT stations in the area

GR Taipower Building, GR Gongguan, GR Guting, BR- R Daan, BR Luiziangli, BR Linguang, R Daan park, R Xinyi Anhe


In Shida area, you will find all main Taiwanese Universities. ( NTU, NTUST, NTNU, NTUE, NTUB) and all the language centers. As an exchange student, language student or teacher, this place is an awesome place to live in. It is a dynamic and international neighborhood with plenty of small restaurants and bars as well as smaller boutiques and the famous Shida Night Market. It is also a great place for NCCU Students since you have direct connections to the University.