Ground Floor Private Room1 near MRT
10000 NT$ /month

Ground Floor Private Room1 near MRT

Jul 13, 2020

Double Bed


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Room Description

◎Private room on the ground floor. No need to climb stairs with heavy luggage.
◎5 min walk to [G02] MRT Xindian District Office Station
◎Airport buses to my place directly in 80 mins.
◎Room includes : an air conditioner, a fan, a double bed, a wardrobe, a shelf, a table and a chair.
◎Shared bathroom and kitchen with some equipment, WiFi, and a washing machine.
◎Offer an outdoor WiFi account, some travel information and a bike for you to explore the city.
◎2 sets of bedding for monthly guests.
※There's an airport shuttle bus from Taoyuan International Airport to Xindian (新店) directly in 80 mins and the stop is just right outside the metro station nearby my apartment.
◎ 5 min walk to [G02] MRT Xindian District Office station and bus stops ( 新店區公所捷運站 )
◎ 5 min walk to a supermarket and a city rental bike "YOUBIKE" station.
◎ 15 min walk to Bitan Bridge ( 碧潭 Great view of river and riverside biking / runnig trails )
◎ 5 stops to NTU (台灣大學) by MRT ( [G07] Gongguan / 9 mins )
◎ 7 stops to NTNU (師範大學) by MRT ( [G09] Guting / 13 mins )
★Please note again★
※Sorry, no private bathroom in this room. Only a shared bathroom as my page showed and one more toilet separately in my apartment. There are usually 3-6 people staying in my apartment a time, including my family and guests.
※Early check-in can be arranged beforehand. Please talk to me first.
If you want to come before 6am, you will need to book one more day ( the hotel room is actually counted from the previous night to the morning ). However, there is no bus to my place after 1am. you will need to take a taxi to my place and it costs about 1500 ntd, so actually it is not worth doing this.
You can have two options. One is that you can take a bus to Taipei main station and leave your luggage in the paid locker then start your trip first. (Bus no.1819 is the only one 24 hr bus) The other option is that you can wait in the airport till 6am and take the first bus to my place. you don't need to pay one more day and you can enjoy your room first.
I will tell you more information about the transportation and travel suggestions in an email after we confirm the booking, please message me first. Thank you~
Please read《Policies》part for more details.....
※ Between 11 PM to 8 AM, do not use the washing machine and the kitchen please. Please keep the noise down at night.
※ Please set the temperature of the air conditioner to 25℃↑. Heaters are not available in winter. The temperature in winter is about 12-16 ℃ in Taiwan.
I want to provide a budget and comfortable room for you to enjoy Taiwan, so hope you can use the air conditioner reasonably and also please think about the polar bears.
※ For safety reason, do not use the gas stove. You can use all other kitchen equipment such as the refrigerator, the microwave oven, the toaster oven, the electric kettle and the electric cooker for a light meal, but please do the dishes by yourself after using them.
There are many different kinds of restaurants nearby my apartment. The price is between 60 to 200 ntd. Dinning out is very convenient here and almost every guest eats out.

Apartment Description

Welcome to Taiwan.
These rooms are on the ground floor in an old apartment, suitable for long-term guests.
As the bargain price for a room, here is more like a dormitory, not a full-service hotel. we do have some rules about using some stuff or maintaining cleanliness ( e.g., recycle). Please be understanding and do as we Taiwanese do.
Please note: Mila and Mila's family ( including two cats ) live in this apartment with you and other guests.


Room Features

Double Bed
Private Bathroom
Outside Window
Inside Window
Open Hanger
Average: 10-15 m² (3-5 ping)

Apartment features

Girls only
Washing Machine
Pets allowed
Coffee Table
Cleaning Service
Trash Service
Floor: 1

Shared Bathrooms:

Bathroom 1: Wet Bathroom
Bathroom 2: Wet Bathroom


Kitchen type: Basic cooking facilities
This means there is no actual kitchen, just anything needed to heat up stuff, not suitable for actual cooking. Refer to the pictures for more details.

Flexible prices

Contract length
10000 NT$
5000 NT$
Min. 3 months
10000 NT$
5000 NT$
Min. 5 months
9500 NT$
9500 NT$
+12 months
9000 NT$
18000 NT$
Standard contracts in Taipei are for +12 months. This landlord exceptionally accepts shorter term rentals.

Contract information

Room Number: Mila's Apartment 1
Minimum Contract length: Monthly
Contract type: Starts and ends any day
Contract language: English & Chinese
Rent: NT$10000 (~ 280)
Deposit: NT$5000
Utilities Included in rent
Utilities Comments: The rent includes utilities, internet access, laundry powder, tissue and a prepaid Wifi account for you to connect to the Internet outside while you are staying in my apartment.
Couples NOT allowed

House rules

NO professional cleaning before arrival! You might need to clean it yourself when you arrive
Extensive introduction required
No overnight guests allowed
No parties - Strict noise policy
No pets
No smoking
No sublease allowed
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