Nov 25 - Double Bed Bedroom - Elevators - Very CLEAN


Elevators - Quiet Area

Double Bed Bedroom- 11,000

ONLY 3 stops to Shi-Da(MTC) / NTNU, NTU.

Weekly Cleaning - included in the rental price.


Only for an individual, not for a couple.

Address: 新北市中和區景平路431巷25號3樓

*We are ONLY looking for a Clean and Responsible person.

Everything in the apt is new, the apt is on the 3rd floor. There are 2 elevators and you need an electronic card to open the 1st floor door and to go up in the elevator.

If you want to reserve the room, it's possible to send the deposit in advance. I have references from previous and current tenants.

The bills get shared amongst the tenants and get paid to Max, the manager of the apt as the bills come in. Bills are usually 500 per month but can go up to 1000 or more depending on your AC usage in the summertime.

There are garbage services in the building.

-You don't need to bring your trash to the garbage truck.

24 hour security.

Roof access ( ask to see a short 360 video )

Both rooms have a double bed, wall A.C., wardrobe, window, curtains, a computer table, a night table and a chair.

We have a cleaner that comes to the apt to clean the public areas every week for one hour included in the rental price.

The deposit is 1.5 months of rent.

I will be accepting contracts until July 8th or later, anytime in August, until the end of January / start of February or for a 1 year contract.

If you sign the 1 year contract, you would still have the opportunity to move out before the year is finished. You would just need to give me one month notice before moving out and find someone to take over the room. I would help, ask for details.

The apt is fully furnished.

The living room is huge, there's a TV (HTMI) - lots of English channels, high speed wireless internet - 120M -a couch, a kitchen table.

There's A.C. in the living room = great for summer time!!!

There's a big back balcony to hang up your clothes and access to a dryer.

The 120M internet is managed 24/7 by a tech savvy French guy that lives in one of the other rooms.

The apt has direct gas, so you don't need to call for gas tanks.

This apt has 4 bedrooms.

In the other 3 rooms are a guy from France he's a hotel manager ( also the manager of the apt ), a guy from Belgium studying Chinese, he has his own bathroom. There's also a girl, she's half Korean and half French. They are all friendly, easy to get along with and clean.

This apt is not first come first served. If interested you would need to have a meeting with the tenants before being accepted. We want everyone to be living happily together.

*Je parle Francais.

* I can save the room for up to 7 days if the deposit has been paid and you are not ready to move in right away.

Family Mart convenience store and 7/11 is only a 1 min walk away. There are a lot of places to see and go around the apt. Including, a fruit and vegetable market open daily an 8 min walk from the apt, lots of vegetarian and vegan options, supermarkets, grocery stores like, Carrefour and local ones. 2 night markets, there's a running track a two min walk from the apt and Basketball courts and soccer / football fields. Behind that there's also a lap swimming pool. Starbucks, pizza and massage places, late night eateries, breakfast shops, Hola, B+Q which is like Home Depot, COSTCO, lots of convenience stores like 7/11 and Family Mart, a few parks and more.

There are 4 kinds of gyms nearby. Here's a cheap one:

I can help you get settled for life in Taiwan, get you an English teaching job, modelling work, motorcycle license or whatever else. Non Legal English teaching jobs ( for non native English speakers with little to no accent ) , there are even opportunities to teach your native language like teaching French or Spanish.

Watch this video tour of the apt from March 2018

As we are only looking for a clean and responsible tenant, please include an INTRODUCTION about yourself.

Please tell me your age, where are you from, how long of a contract you would ideally like to sign, the date you would like to move in and out, and anything else you think i should know.

I will meet you at Jingan Mrt station to show you the apt. There's only one exit. I'll meet you outside in front of the steps to show you the room / apt.

Apartment Features

Apartment name: 3F - Elevators
Contract type: Minimum 3 months
Contract language: English
Utilities included: No
Utilities comment: The bills get shared amongst the tenants and get paid to Max, the manager of the apt as the bills come in. Bills are usually 500 per month but can go up to 1000 or more depending on your AC usage in the summertime.
Deposit: 16500
Number of bedrooms: 4
Type of bed: Double bed
Room size (m²): 16.0
Apartment size (m²): 165.0
Number of bathrooms: 2
Bathroom type: Western bathroom
Kitchen type: Standard kitchen

Room features

Outside window
Internal window
Open hanger

Common area features

Coffee table
Dining table
Washing machine
Cleaning Service
Trash Service


National Taiwan University (NTU)
National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech)
National Taiwan University of Science & Technology (Taiwan Tech)
National Chengchi University (NCCU)
Fu Jen Catholic University
National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)
Taipei Medical university (TMU)
National Taipei University of Business (NTUB)
National Taipei University of Education
Chinese Culture University (PCCU)
Chinese Language Division (CLD of NTU)
International Chinese Language Program (ICLP of NTU)
Mandarin Training Center (MTC of NTNU)
Taipei Language Institute (TLI)
Taiwan Mandarin Institute (TMI)