Dec 23 Master bedroom - OK for a Couple -Private bathroom


Master with Bathroom - September 23rd - 11k

I also have a Temporary room if you'd like to move in sooner.

***This room is OK for a COUPLE.

The apt is only a short walk to Jing'an MRT. Which is 3 stops away from most of the Universities like NTNU, NTU, NTUST, SHIDA-MTC and others.

We only want someone who can sign until the end of January or start of February or for a 12 month contract.

Included in the room is all the furniture in the pictures. Double bed, mattress, a desk, a chair, a wardrobe, a small window in the bathroom, a dehumidifier, cubby hole shelves and an end table.

* Je Parle Francais.

The other 2 roommates: There will be 2 guys from the Czech Republic studying Chinese moving in in August.

We only want a clean and responsible person for this room.

Male or female is both fine. We have strict cleaning rules so things don't get out of hand. For more information, please ask to see a copy of the English contract.

The deposit is 1.5 month.

This is absolutely a non smoking apt ( by penalty of being kicked out ). There's room to smoke on the Balcony or on the ground floor. Also no smoking with your head out the window or in the stairwell.

There's lots of Natural light and the apt is on a very QUIET street.

There's a HTMI TV. There's high speed wireless internet.

There's a big washing machine and a full kitchen.

In the kitchen there's a big oven, a sink, a fridge, lots of pots, pans, dishes and utensils to share. Just make sure to clean up after yourself and don't leave dirty dishes in the sink. We keep the unfinished food and organic trash in the freezer until it can be taken to the garbage truck to avoid pests.

If you need help finding an English teaching job, I can help you. I know all kinds of people to better help our tenants in any way we can.

If you want to reserve the room before arriving in Taiwan, send me a PM and I can talk to you. ( We have references in almost every language from previous or current tenants )

We pay the electric bill in advance ( when it arrives ) and the tenants pay their share ( one third ) along with the rent. FYI the electric bill only comes in every 2 months and is about 1000 nt per 2 month period per person. So about 500 nt per month in the wintertime and more in the summertime depending on your AC usage.

****Please include a short INTRODUCTION including your age, where you are from, your ideal starting date, length of contract and if have you lived with other people before, what you intend to do in Taiwan and anything else you would like to add. ****

***Special discount: * IF you come from a country we've never had as a tenant, I can offer a 500 per month discount on the monthly rent. Over the years of renting our places we ( my wife and I ) have had people from dozens of countries. We've never had anyone from: Scandinavia, Ukraine, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Jordan, most of the middle east, most of Africa excluding South Africa, Cameroon and Reunion. Half of South America, a few central American countries, half of Asia.

*The special discount also applies if your passport country is an official ally of Taiwan :)

*Also included is anyone who speaks Arabic, hebrew, Flemish or Swiss French. ( so I can use you for future references )

*Social Bonus: I often invite tenants to join me at our local foreign pub to join myself and friends for drinks and great food, go on outings like shrimp fishing, ocean fishing, hot springs, to the beach, hiking, paintball and more. Every 3 months I have a big party in a nearby restaurant or bar where my Taiwanese adult students get the chance to practice speaking English with new people. Current and previous tenants still living in Taipei always join. If you are studying Chinese it's a great chance to speak with some locals in Chinese. There are usually about 25-30 people from about a dozen different countries.

The next party - August 25th ( you could join the party if you reserve the room )

I'm also organising an Ocean fishing trip for a Sunday September 16th. Anyone can join, we will go out for 4 hours, catch a lot of fish, make new friends and drink a lot of beer. There will be room for about 30 people and will cost 2000 nt for everything ( including a private bus to bring us from Yung'an Market Mrt to Danshuei fishing harbour and back ). PM me for details and pictures of past trips.

I will meet you at Jing'an Mrt. There's only one exit ( Exit 1 ). I'll meet you outside in front of the steps. The apt is a short walk from the Mrt station.

Here's a video tour of the apt:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Apartment Features

Apartment name: Jing Ping 4F
Contract type: Minimum 3 months
Contract language: English
Utilities included: No
Utilities comment: The bills gets divided by the number of tenants in the apt. We pay the bills in advance, the tenants pay their share along with the rent on the 1st of every month. ( I send pictures of the bills to the tenants )
Deposit: 16000
Number of bedrooms: 3
Type of bed: Double bed
Room size (m²): 25.0
Apartment size (m²): 120.0
Number of bathrooms: 2
Bathroom type: Western bathroom
Kitchen type: Standard kitchen

Room features

Outside window
Internal window
Open hanger

Common area features

Coffee table
Dining table
Washing machine
Cleaning Service
Trash Service


National Taiwan University (NTU)
National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech)
National Taiwan University of Science & Technology (Taiwan Tech)
National Chengchi University (NCCU)
Fu Jen Catholic University
National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)
Taipei Medical university (TMU)
National Taipei University of Business (NTUB)
National Taipei University of Education
Chinese Culture University (PCCU)
Chinese Language Division (CLD of NTU)
International Chinese Language Program (ICLP of NTU)
Mandarin Training Center (MTC of NTNU)
Taipei Language Institute (TLI)
Taiwan Mandarin Institute (TMI)