Double Bed Bedroom near NTNU, Shida, MTC


ONLY 3 Stops from SHIDA (MTC)/ Guting MRT, NTNU

Blue Double bed bedroom in shared apartment in Taipei.

* ( Female ONLY ) -- 1.5 month deposit

*I can save the room you want for up to a week if you have paid the deposit but are not ready to move in right away.

We would prefer someone to sign until between July 8th and August 31st or for a 12 month contract. We will give preference to people willing to sign a longer contract. It's also possible to move out sooner if you sign the 1 year contract:

If you signed the 1 year contract and would like to move sooner, I would advertise your room and talk to interested people. When someone wants to see the room, you would arrange to meet them at Jing'an mrt to show them the room/ apt. When someone wants the room, my husband would sign the contract with them and we would return your deposit on your moving out day.

The apt is on a quiet street with nice neighbours. There's free parking for scooters and bicycles in the garage under the building.

The apt and the bedroom both get a lot of Natural light.

The room is for a single people. We don't want couples as it's not convenient sharing the bathroom with an extra person. But boy / girl friends coming over is no problem.

*I'm the landlord, I don't live at the apt.

(Blue room ) In the other 2 rooms are a Taiwanese girl and a female HK couple. *The Taiwanese girl usually only stays at the apt on Mondays. They're all very cool, laid-back and easy to get along with. They speak English and Mandarin fluently.

Ecrivez-moi en Français.

The apartment is fully furnished. All the furniture you see in the bedroom will stay there. There's high speed wireless internet, sofa, kitchen table, washing machine, everything needed for cooking is available in the kitchen.

*We have strict cleanliness guidelines to avoid having ants, cockroaches and mice. We haven't had any in years because we are only looking for clean and responsible tenants preferably over the age of 25. ( as they are usually more responsible ). Please ask to see a copy of the English contract for info.

There are a lot of places to see and go around the apt. Including, a fruit and vegetable market open daily a ten min walk from the apt, lots of vegetarian and vegan options, supermarkets, grocery stores like, Carrefour and local ones. 2 night markets, there's a running track a two min walk from the apt and Basketball courts and soccer / football fields. Behind that there's also a lap swimming pool. Starbucks, pizza and massage places, late night eateries, breakfast shops, Hola, B+Q which is like Home Depot, COSTCO, lots of convenience stores like 7/11 and Family Mart, a few parks and more.

There are 4 kinds of gyms nearby. There's the standard pay a lot of money for a 1 year membership very clean and fancy. There's the local big man weight lifter gym more weights, less machines but half the price. There's a kickboxing gym one subway stop away at Yung'an market mrt and the best for last is Q-Lab. It's a brand new ( 2 years ) government run sports facility. It only costs 50 nt per visit and you have access to all kinds of stuff. Such as indoor / outdoor basketball ( outdoor is free ), indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a very nice working out gym, ping pong, badminton, skating rink, rock climbing, pool / billiards tables and more.

If you want to reserve the room, it's possible to send the deposit in advance. I have references from dozens of countries ( from previous tenants, we have been renting out this place for 7 years, but everything was renovated last summer June 2016 )

We collect and pay the bills in advance, my husband collects the mail and I pay the bills. The tenants pay their share of the bills at the same time as when they pay the rent. You can of course see the bills if you want. The bills are usually about 500 per person per month but it can go up to 1000 or more depending on how much you use the Air Conditioning in the summertime.

As we are only looking for a clean and responsible tenant, please include an introduction about yourself. Please tell me your age, where are you from city and country, how long of a contract you would ideally like to sign, the date you would like to move out, and anything else you think i should know.

*There's Free Parking for bicycles and scooters in the basement, see pic.

If you just copy paste the address into google maps the location would be wrong but you can see it here:

Google maps:…/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x34680278f6859…

I will meet you at Jing'an mrt. There's only one exit ( Exit 1 ) I'll meet you outside in front of the steps.


Apartment Features

Apartment name: Jing Ping 6F
Contract type: Minimum 3 months
Contract language: English
Utilities included: No
Utilities comment: I pay the bills in advance and the tenants pay their share along with the rent.
Deposit: 13500
Number of bedrooms: 3
Type of bed: Double bed
Room size (m²): 8.0
Apartment size (m²): 80.0
Number of bathrooms: 1
Bathroom type: Taiwanese bathroom
Kitchen type: Standard kitchen

Room features

Outside window
Internal window
Open hanger

Common area features

Coffee table
Dining table
Washing machine
Cleaning Service
Trash Service


National Taiwan University (NTU)
National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech)
National Taiwan University of Science & Technology (Taiwan Tech)
National Chengchi University (NCCU)
Fu Jen Catholic University
National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)
Taipei Medical university (TMU)
National Taipei University of Business (NTUB)
National Taipei University of Education
Chinese Culture University (PCCU)
Chinese Language Division (CLD of NTU)
International Chinese Language Program (ICLP of NTU)
Mandarin Training Center (MTC of NTNU)
Taipei Language Institute (TLI)
Taiwan Mandarin Institute (TMI)